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Low back pain missing link

The iliopsoas muscle is the missing link in a lot of people that have low back pain. The iliopsoas muscle attaches from the hip to the lumbar spine/low back region. When it is too tight from prolonged sitting it pulls the lumbar spine/low back region into excess extension.  Prolonged extension of the spine can irritate […]

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A Case Study on the Ankle

A friend of mine stepped off of a surfboard into some water she did not know the height of.  She rolled her ankle into eversion. This is where the outside of the ankle rolls outward.  This is unusual because the inside of the ankle usually rolls inward with an ankle injury.  For about a year her […]

Closeup of young shirtless man with shoulder pain over white background
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Shoulder chronic pain

Chronic shoulder pain Major impairments/diagnoses that could be causing shoulder pain are: Rotator cuff impingement (pinching) see previous blog post Rotator cuff tear (high difficulty lifting arm due to weakness) – see previous blog post Rotator cuff tendonitis (inflammed and painful tendons of rotator cuff) Subacromial bursitis (sac of fluid inflammed) Cervical spine (neck)  pinched […]

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Tennis Elbow/Lateral epicondylitis

Chronic Tennis Elbow physical therapy exercises The picture above is from the website: As a physical therapist I have mentioned there are about 5 diagnoses that are just extremely difficult to get better in treatment.  Chronic tennis elbow is one of them. It usually occurs with excess typing, using the computer mouse, pitching, playing […]

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Chronic Pain Rehab concepts/back pain

When I was about 26 years old I worked 2 summers as a roofer. I was lifting way too much weight up and down a ladder. I then went to Physical therapy graduate school for 2 and 1/2 years.  I was sitting about 12 hours a day in class or studying on my own. My […]