*Padded Night Splint


Padded Night Splint The Comfort padded night splint is designed to prevent
tears in the fibrous tissue that occur after a night of rest, breaking the
nighttime/ morning pain cycle.
Product is insurance reimbursable, please contact us for details.

Featuring more padding than most night
splints, it is designed for optimum comfort and support, and comes with a
removable wedge for a passive dorsi-flexion to help with plantar fasciitis
and Achilles tendonitis.

Product Overview
Sugg HCPC: L4396/ L4397
Plantar fasciitis
Achilles tendonitis
General heel pain
More padding than traditional splints
Removable dorsi-flexion wedge
Fits left or right foot

Part #     Size
63-105-2     Small (M up to 7, W up to 7.5)
63-105-3     Medium (M 7.5- 10, W 8- 10.5)
63-105-4     Large (M 10.5+, W 11+)




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