Tennis Elbow/Lateral epicondylitis


Chronic Tennis Elbow physical therapy exercises

The picture above is from the website:  www.patienteducationcenter.org

As a physical therapist I have mentioned there are about 5 diagnoses that are just extremely difficult to get better in treatment.  Chronic tennis elbow is one of them.

It usually occurs with excess typing, using the computer mouse, pitching, playing tennis, and excess tool work as mechanic.

Some basic forms of treatment are:

  1. Tennis elbow strap- fairly effective
  2. Rest – good effectiveness
  3. Ice cup massage 5 minutes temporary relief excellent
  4. Cortisone injections fairly effective
  5. Your own blood injection fairly effective
  6. Friction massage deep-fairly effective
  7. Stretching fairly effective
  8. ****Eccentric strengthening 5/5 star excellence

For the injury that I had with lateral epicondylitis, my patients and with research – eccentric strengthening has worked the best. A picture of how to perform the exercise is below.





The exercise above is for the forearm extensors.  You use a theraband of moderate to heavy resistance and lift the wrist up with resistance and go down slowly.  That is called eccentric strengthening.  Perform 3 sets of 10 3 sets, 3 x a day every other day for 8 weeks.

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Below is the link to the use of a flex bar device rubber that is quite effective as well.